Friday, March 2, 2012

Episode 2: Race #5 - [Mystery Race D]

Another reptilian race, but this one's significantly less... squishy.
Race D
   Humanoid (reptilian)                                 0 RP
   Medium                                                     0 RP
Base Speed
   Slow ­–1 RP
Ability Score Modifiers
   Paragon (+4 Str, ­–2 Int, ­–2 Wis, ­–2 Cha)  1 RP
   Standard                                                     0 RP
Racial Traits
   Defense Racial Traits
      Natural armor                                          2 RP
      Desert Runner                                         2 RP
      “Race A” Immunities*                           4 RP
      Improved Natural Armor                        1 RP
   Offense Racial Traits
      Ferocity                                                  4 RP
      Relentless                                               1 RP
Total                                                            14 RP

*Same as duergar immunities

One more to go... and that's probably going to be the one that gives it away. But that's why I'm putting it up over the weekend--so you jackal's can't discuss it until Monday.

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