Sunday, February 10, 2013

Episode 4: HeroQuest, Part 1 Picture Show

I'm going to mostly let the pictures do the talking for this last session. We tackled the first dungeon in the HeroQuest quest book and dang was that more difficult than I had expected. The party took precisely the deadliest route through the dungeon, face challenges of increasing difficulty as their resources decreased. They also pulled like one treasure and 80 wandering monsters. In the end though, they pulled it off--Jessica's wizard one-shotting the gargoyle boss with a genie spell, though it won her more than a brush with death. That was about it for the night, but coming up next our heroes will be venturing into deeper, far deadlier dungeons. A huge thanks to Erik, Jessica, Sarah, and Sonjia and stay tuned for more HeroQuest soon!

Thanks to Jessica for all the fancy captioned photos!

Already I'm looking forward to something a bit more elaborate. This has been a good break, but there's much scheming to do something a bit more grandiose. More on that later...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Episode 4: Impromtu Episode!

This week on Erratic Episodes it's time for an Impromptu Episode! All weekend I was debating what to run next: Something planar? My favorite adventure from Dungeon? Another Dread game? Option paralysis ended in indecision and I ran out of weekend trying to decide.

But Project Lobotomy was super complicated, so I deserve a bit of a break right? Right. So I was thinking maybe something more on the board game side of the roleplaying spectrum, which would allow me to get some players into the game who don't usually go for all the word math and funny voices.

You know what would be perfect?! Dragonstrike! Let me see if that video is online...

You know what would be perfect!? NOT Dragonstrike! Ooof is that rough.

If that's not the way, then what? How about something that I actually loved as a kid. Something that I played until the color wore off the dice. Something that started me down the road of painting miniatures. Something that I spent a whole summer coming up with new adventures for and, though I didn't realize it then, was the start of my game design career.

How about HeroQuest!

Tomorrow is the first adventure in a two-part Erratic Episode, delving into the deadly dungeons of the HeroQuest world. It might not exactly be an RPG, but there's a screen, monsters, magic, and character sheets, so it's close enough! This time around we've got an entirely new crew of Paizo players:

Erik Keith
Sonja Morris
Jessica Price 
Sarah Robinson

Check back later this week to see how far Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, and Wizard make it in session one; who survives against orcs, gargoyles, femurs, and worse; and, most importantly, if the nostalgia holds up! Tomorrow