Thursday, January 17, 2013

Episode 2: Robo Death Race

It’s over. After almost a year, we finally completed our Pathfinder skinned Mass Effect game last night. It went well, but it could have gone on at least another night. Things went fast and there was some definite hand waving to compact the remaining adventure into the time we had left, but the overall gist got through and we had a good time. Here's a bit of what we got up to.

Mass Effect Session 3 Highlights

Captain Eiger, Human Gunslinger (James Jacobs)
* Had sassy times with a gray smoke zombie security chief.
* Almost getting mutinied against after getting the gray-lung. (And almost making a run for it, but decided to instead down a gallon of medi-gel.)
* Tried to make friends with a roboplegic.
* Sniped a nascent techno-god’s corpse.
* Overall Adventure Achievement: Precision Damage Dealer! Took down half a holographic projector pillar and multiple zombies in a single hit!

Sathar Vrusk, Turian Monk-Zen Archer (Rob McCreary)
* Almost mutinying, pulling a rifle on the captain after he was “compromised.”
* Used his grapnel to help allies clamber to the top of the lift, avoiding a goo dip.
* Combat healed Talos, dropping medi-gel on him even while getting pummeled by goo tentacles.
* Totally not bragging that he was of the one race immune to the goop.
* Overall Adventure Achievement: Total Damage Dealer! Spraying anything that moved with a hail storm of bullets resulted in the highest total damage dealt.

Cerise 7, Asari Bard (Erik Mona)
* Writing the lyrics of the galaxy’s new #1 hit: “Three Heads!”
* Despite much of it having to get skimmed over, hit on the vast majority of the session's relevant clues and put together the gist of what had happened.
* Smooth talked a giant disembodied holographic god head.
* Used up every spell and round of bardic performance to get the party through in style.
* Overall Adventure Achievement: Space Sleuth! Between investigation and well-reasoned theories, she most accurately unraveled the station’s mysteries. (Bonus Achievement: Infinite Entendre)

Gippy Consuelo, Salarian (James Sutter)
* Scouring zombie corpses with a fine mist of acid spittle. Pfffffhhhh!
* Blew up the greatest amount of secret lab technology with fire bombs.
* Blasted a hole in the lift’s ceiling, allowing others to climb to safety while condemning himself to goo wading.
* Turned gray-goo traitor! But had bad aim.
* Overall Adventure Achievement: Flames of Freedom! Blew the most things up, all the while giving voice to the plight of the galaxy’s oppressed. Viva la Gippy!

Talos, Quarian (Andrew Vallas)
* Unmuted the station-wide quarantine alarm, revealing that someone/something still had control of the computers.
* Liberated (sort of) a creepy robot science experiment.
* Was the persistent target of a single-minded zombie sniper.
* Revealed the techno-deity’s weakness!
* Overall Adventure Achievement: Station Breaker! Between computer hacking, lock picking, and bombs nothing technical in the station was left with its wiring intact.

A HUGE thanks to James Jacobs, Rob McCreary, Erik Mona, James Sutter, and Andrew Vallas for being such a fantastic group. Impossible to pin down, but a fantastic group who made running a third session well worth the wait.

Next time, a few observations I took away from last night, and a bit later this weekend all my notes and handouts for anyone who might like to run a Mass Effect skinned Pathfinder game of their own!

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