Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Episode 1: Bound for the Mists

I've got my crew for the first session of Erratic Episodes! In alphabetical order, here's the party that will dare the horror of Tergeron Manor in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition adventure A Light in the Belfry.

Jason Bulmahn: Bearnar, dwarf cleric of Moradin
James Jacobs: Zola Nordandi, half-elf fighter/rogue (retired trapeze artist)
Rob McCreary: Valeriu the Gray, half-Vistani wizard
Mark Moreland: Sane Arth, human fighter (dubious moniker)

I'm keeping things small and close to the Paizo development pool for this first episode to test the whole crazy concept, but thanks to everyone in the landslide of eager players who contacted me. I want to run games for you all down the line here, so I'll be sure to post details on the next episode soon after the completion of this one. I also plan to implement a no players in back-to-back episodes rule, so if you didn't get in this time your chances for next time are greatly increased.

But for now, I hear the frantic rolling and cursing of new victims bound for the Land of Mists. I'll post more as there's more to post, but look forward to a recap of session one of Erratic Episodes by the end of next week!

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  1. That is one of my favorite adventures. Fond fond memories. ^_^ Still need to find me a copy.