Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Episode 1: A Light in the Belfry

The episodes start with a nostalgic piece, TSR's 1995 AD&D Ravenloft adventure, A Light in the Belfry.

Aside from beings a delightfully campy story, this adventure  comes with a built-in gimmick: an interactive audio CD. That means that anytime the players enter a new room, get a bit of back story, or encounter a special event, I cue up the particular track so either the adventure's narrator can take things over in his ghoulish baritone or you get treated to the best stock sound effects a faltering 90s gaming company had at their disposal.

All that not selling it for ya? Shame, because this adventure is full on Mystery Science Theater, Army of Darkness, so bad it's good, horror-camp awesome.

It's also a way for me to get the process down for this series, as I've run this adventure numerous times and am quite familiar with the whole production. Of course, I did run those sessions about a decade ago for AD&D. So why mess with what's worked so well - we're doing this old school: AD&D all the way!

Episode #1: A Light in the Belfry
Game System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition
Campaign Setting: Ravenloft
Adventure Description: Discover what mystery and tragic fortunes transpired within Tergeron Manor, a mansion now possessed by an evil necromancer's malign intelligence. Thirteen shards of glass hold the secret to either an innocent's salvation or your damnation.

Players Wanted: 4
Characters: 7th-level AD&D Characters (created in advance of the first session)
Sources Available: AD&D Player's Handbook and Domains of Dread
Miniatures: Not Required

Deadline for Registration: 11/13/11
Proposed First Session: The week of 11/21/11

If you're interested in playing just post in the comments below or contact me otherwise - Facebook is probably easiest. Please include a brief concept for the type of character you'd like to play. Remember, Ravenloft has a vaguely Victorian tropes and technology that butt right up to more classic fantasy elements. In other words, mesmerists, big game hunters, and the like will fit be just as well in this game as knights and clerics. The only other requirement is that you be able to show up to the Paizo offices the day we finally decide to play. (And it probably helps my selection process if I actually know you, though who knows, I'm always willing to consider awesome new folks!) I will respond to everyone who gets in and post the list of players along with their character concepts on 11/14.

Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who wants to play and here's hoping the inaugural episode of Erratic Episodes is a big success!

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