Monday, February 27, 2012

Episode 2: Prepare for Lift-Off!

We've got our group for our second episode! And since a few of these faces look familiar, I've added an additional spot in the group to keep up the level of new blood. In alphabetical order, here's the party of bold explorers headed for the stars.

James Jacobs: [Race & Class Currently Classified]
Rob McCreary: [Race & Class Currently Classified]
Erik Mona: [Race & Class Currently Classified]
James Sutter: [Race & Class Currently Classified]
Andrew Vallas: [Race & Class Currently Classified]

This is another Paizo rich crew, which is something I'll definitely be addressing next episode. For now, though, lets talk character creation. We'll be using Pathfinder rules with a sci-fi skin, so expect those spells and supernatural abilities to be some manner of tech, futuristic mysticism, alien evolutions, or what not. That said, not everything's a perfect fit, so only the following classes are being allowed (unless you can convince me otherwise). Listed next to each is a profession or two that members of this class might largely be viewed as.

Classes Permitted
Alchemist (Scientist)
Barbarian (Berzerker/Grunt)
Bard (Diplomat)
Cleric (Medic)
Gunslinger (Bounty Hunter)
Fighter (Marine/Mercenary)
Rogue (Engineer/Spy)
Sorcerer (Tech Specialist)

Players should start thinking about their classes and what sort of general sci-fi spin they might want their character to have. But don't get too far down the background rabbit hole, races and the planned adventure will factor into those details considerably.

As for races, I'm still not ready to reveal what universe we're playing in. But, starting a bit later today and every day this week I'll be revealing a race from the adventure's universe with the serial numbers filed off. Each of these races was created using the new race builder debuting in the Advance Race Guide. The details on these abilities largely appear in that book and in the Advance Race Guide Playtest available for free at (though, I suspect all of my players might manage to access these rules through their own sinister channels). I've taken a bit of leeway with the system here and there and you'll even see an additional ability or two down the line, but none of that should matter much for the purposes of this one adventure.

Also, don't worry about equipment. I've got something in mind for that too.

But that's all for later. For now, start thinking about what sort of character you'd like to play and what weekday nights you're available for this two-part Pathfinder adventure... IN SPAAAAAAACE!

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