Monday, February 27, 2012

Episode 2: Race #1 - Human

And the first alien race is... not aliens at all. Yup, there's humans in the universe we'll be playing in, and here they are. But, to bring them up a notch to compete with some of the other races in the weird and wild galaxy, they've got the new "Heroic" trait. There might also be some in-story benefits to choosing this race, but you never can tell. Check 'em out.

   Humanoid (human)         0 RP
   Medium                           0 RP
Base Speed
   Normal                            0 RP
Ability Score Modifiers
   Human                             0 RP
   Linguist                           1 RP
Racial Traits
   Feats and Skills Racial Traits
      Flexible bonus feat       4 RP
      Heroic                           4 RP
      Skilled                          4 RP

Total                                  13 RP

Okay, now that the known quantities out of the way, check back tomorrow for the first mystery race to kick off our week-long march of aliens. 

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