Friday, February 10, 2012

Episode 1: We're Back On!

So far this endeavor has been more erratic than anticipated—holidays, travels, snow, adventures—but that all changes this weekend! We’re on for Sunday for the conclusion of A Light in the Belfry. Whether it’s to be a dramatic finale or an anticlimactic end, that’s up to the players and how fast they can track down the twelve missing mirror shards. One way or another, it all wraps Sunday night at 6:00.

That means that by next Friday I plan to have a brief written up for the next Erratic Episodes adventure. Anyone who didn’t play a Light in the Belfry is welcome to put their name in the hat (aka, on the comments page for the post, in an e-mail, or in a Facebook message to me)—be you a Paizonian, friend of mine, or other local Seattle gamer, all are welcome. I can’t say what we’re doing, when, or how many players I’m looking for yet, but one way or the other I promise it’ll be a blast!

But for now, hang tight for Bearnar the dwarf, Zola Nordandi, Valeriu the Gray, and Sane Arth’s final adventure in the second edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure A Light in the Belfry.

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