Friday, February 24, 2012

Episode 2: Registration Closes Soon

Just a reminder that the window for putting your name in for Episode 2: [Still Classified Sci-Fi Adventure] wraps up at the end of the day today. I still haven't revealed much about this, but I've got a neat rules system to handle most of the tech and plan to reveal the races over the course of the next week. Their stats that is, not their names. Players won't know what universe they're playing in until the first session--or unless it gets puzzled out on here first. So if you're up for some interplanetary heroics, and more than a little bit of mystery, sign up in the comments section here, drop me a line on Facebook, or snag me on the street and tell me you want in. I'll be putting together my list of interested parties and making final selection this weekend, so I can post it early next week along with character generation rules and the first race. Good luck to everyone who has already put their names in the hat and thanks to everyone for their interest and for reading!

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