Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Episode 6: Under a Metal Sky - Character 1

I managed to pull together another Dread game a few weeks back, this time using one of the adventures out of the Dread rulebook, the sci-fi scenario Under a Metal Sky. I gave it a bit of a techy twist to indulge the genre, but we'll get into that a bit later.

This time around our players were:

Gabriel Rosas as Captain Albrecht Skinner
James Jacobs as Navigator Kruger
Erik Keith as Doctor Roland O'Bloome
Jessica Price as Technician Naamah

To give a bit of insight into our players, I'll post their character questionnaires and answers. First up...

Captain Skinner
As captain of your ship, what part of your manegment style upsets your superiors?
I report actions after the fact. Too many hoops to jump through to go through.

Who was your ship named after?
Cantileverre, the elder pioneer of the colony first founded outside allied space.

When your last ship was destroyed, what did you risk your life to save?
The nav files.

What class did you enjoy most at the academy, and why didn't you excel at it?
Hyper-space theology. Slept with my professor.

What food that most people like can't you stand?
Algae noodles in BASIC broth.

You have a phobia you developed during your first mission. How has it interfered since then?
Asteroid hit our ship, broke atmosphere. Almost drowned. Small ticking-tacking gets on my nerves.

Because of a terrible injury you had to have part of your body replaced with cybernetics. WHat was replaced and what are the capabilities of its replacements?
Lungs and inner ear; breathe less oxygen, also get dizzy when away from my control bracelet for longer than 24 hours.

Even though the record was wiped clean, what haunts you from your past?
My family was responsible for the disease outbreak of 0-88-A.

You often find yourself envious of what other character? Why?
The rich one. Said family is well liked and they are regarded well by "The Man."

How are your quarters decorated?
With fluid screen murals of star coronas broken by planets.

You ship docked with a seemingly abandoned space hulk. Why are you there?
It was there. It's my job to explore... even if I'm mostly transport.

That's character number one. We'll get to the others in the coming days, along with a few videos I took, my take on the plot, and a rather unusual handout.

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