Monday, October 28, 2013

Episode 6: Under a Metal Sky - Character 3

Fortunately for the crew of the Cantileverre they also had a doctor, played by Erik Keith.

Doctor Roland O'Bloome
Where did you get your medical training? Did you enjoy it?
On an agrarian harvest planet. I grew up there but left for greener pastures.

Where are you in the chain of command on the ship?
I don't have a rank. I do my job and weigh in when I need to.

Normally, you are a paragon of your morals, which isn't always convenient. How, in one regrettable instance, did you need to go against them? What do you regret most about that encounter?
I want to save everyone, but one of the mercs on the ship was too aggressive. I may have had a hand in the accident that claimed his life. It's a shame I couldn't calm him down otherwise.

What can you do that most other people can't?
I know how to program a ship's life support system to cause strange health effects that I know how to treat. I've become exceptional at recognizing health related issues based on system failures on a ship and how to treat them.

I may use this to ensure my position in the crew.

You see a lot of odd things in space. What is the strangest thing you have witnessed?
We can acress a semi-derelict ship that we thought was salvage. Ends up the inhabitants had survived for over three months, but had gone completely insane.

Who is the only one aboard to have ever beaten you at chess?
The ship's AI, it's insufferable good at it.

You have a romantic interest in one of the other crew members. Does he/she know? How does this affect your work environment?
Ship's navigator, but he doesn't know.

What soothes the tension headaches you get?
A little bit of the stim packs I have hidden under my bed. The ones we're pretty sure the merc was stealing before his "accident."

When do you feel most alone?
When I don't have anyone to help.

What is that thing and why do you have it?
It's a multipurpose medical device that can be used to inject things into people, such as adrenaline or sedatives.

You have a somewhat shady past, leading to the acquisition of some very useful skills. What did you do and what skill did you learn from it?
I was stuck on an agrarian transport when the life support system went out. I was the only survivor. It was then that I started doing freelance and joined up with this group.

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