Friday, October 25, 2013

Episode 6: Under a Metal Sky - Character 2

The next crewman of the Cantileverre is James Jacobs's character...

Navigator Kruger
Normally a navigator of your skill would not be assigned to this sort of ship. Why are you here?
Because I agreed to do the job in return for a reduced prison sentence. I'm the getaway driver/pilot for my criminal heist buddies.

Where did you get that scar?
Some bastard named Gafer took out my left eye and some cheek with a grapefruit spoon in prison.

Why don't you like being the age you are?
Becuase I spent 20 years in prison and misused most of my life.

You are normally very close to your family, but recently you have fallen out of touch. Why? 
I don't know. I've been told to help on this mission or I'd never see them again. My "family" is my criminal pals.

What piece of contraband have you smuggled aboard? Who else knows about it?
A super-poison capsule tucked into my eye socket folds. The medical officer knows. He found it during an exam but kept it quiet.

When do you feel most alone?
In a crowd.

Which member of the crew don't you trust?
The medical officer, because he knows about the pill.

Why are you also in charge of inventory?
Good question. Due to a government clerical error.

What hobby do you have that occasionally comes in handy?
Meditation. Helps me focus and contain the beast.

What disease do you fear the most and why?
Anything that causes blindness, but in particular onchocerciacis.

What did you do during your last shoreleave?
Got involved in a casino heist and got caught... 20 years ago.

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