Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Episode 6: Under a Metal Sky - Character 4

The final member of the Cantileverre's crew was played by Jessica Price.

You have left someone behind that you visit every time you're in port. Who is it? Why can't they come along with you?
My daughter—she has a degenerative bone condition and can't handle the rigors of acceleration and deceleration.

You were place abord the ship as the technician because you specialize in what sort of drives?

You sufferedan injury and now have a cybernetic prosthetic. What is it?
My prosthetic allows me to see outside the normal human spectrum, but I miss normal eye contact.

To give yourself that extra kick during those life-or-death 20 hour long repair sessions, you have become addicted to a stimulant with a somewhat nasty side-effect. What is the side-effect? Do your shipmates know?
Memory loss. I am trying to hide it.

How did your sister die?
I forgot her medication.

In what ways would you be better suited for your boss's job?
I was raised to lead.

You are the first member of your family to go into space. Why?
I'm the only one who escaped the hereditary illness.

What was the worst decision you ever made due to your stim habit.
Leaving home and going into space.

What scared you the most as a child?

What is your filth threshold?
Low. I'm a neat freak.

A ship like this requires a lot of funds. Where do those funds come from? How do you feel about the source of those funds?
My family is wealthy. I feel I have an obligation to lead because of it.

That gets us through the entire crew. Next time: what actually happened.

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